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There is no uniform opinion on the Ethereum Code. Some say that the provider is paradise on earth for traders, where you can get rich with just a few euros. The others describe the offer as at least highly dubious. In our test, we want to find out what is true and therefore put Ethereum code through its paces.

Of course, it is attractive to make $10,000 in profit week after week, which is what customers are promised in advertising. But what does reality look like? Is it realistic to make such profits or is it just the rare exception, while the vast majority of residents just lose? The general stock market experience makes many traders doubt the reliability of the provider because they ask themselves how it should be possible for everyone to make high profits without others losing a lot of money. So what is a beautiful dream and what is a bitter reality? Our Ethereum test gets to the bottom of all these questions in detail so that you can get a better picture of this provider.

Ethereum Code: Overview

Robot Type: Bitcoin bot
Minimum deposit: 250 euro
Stated winning percentage: 88%
Trading Fees: No
Account management fees: No
Withdrawal fees: No
Software costs: For free
Payout time frame: 24 hours
Supported Cryptocurrencies: BAT, BNT, OMG, SNT, PAY, REP, ZRX, CVC
Lever: 5000:1
Native mobile app: No
Free demo account: Yes
Customer Service: Email, telephone
Verification required: Yes
Automatic trading: Yes
CFD available Yes

What is the Ethereum Code?

Ethereum Code works just like many other trading bots. Users set up an account and the bot uses algorithms to make trades on their behalf. However, unlike other trading bots, Ethereum Code only trades on the Ethereum market. Users can choose their parameters and use a demo account to develop a trading strategy and then let the platform place those trades.

Ethereum Code advertises itself to potential traders but fails to mention how risky trading Ethereum can be. Trading bots are relatively unreliable and can lead to a total loss of money.

What is a Bitcoin Trading App?

A Bitcoin trading app is simply a platform or an application that allows you to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on various markets around the world and at any time of the day. Since crypto exchanges are open 24 hours a day (unlike the stock market, which typically only stays open for 8 hours on weekdays), the actual platform runs similarly but has a wider reach.

A Bitcoin trading app can work in different ways, but essentially it is an application that buys and sells Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other cryptocurrencies through various markets. This makes Bitcoin trading apps like Ethereum Code similar to brokers and exchanges like eToro or Firstrade, which allow access to the crypto markets from any location. However, there are different trading apps and they can work in very different ways.

What types of Bitcoin trading apps are there?

There are these different types of automatic trading systems:

  • Simple trading bots – they perform technical analysis and generate signals to buy or sell. The trading orders must be placed manually and all trades are executed by the respective user.
  • Automated bots – they place trading orders automatically according to set parameters. You independently analyze charts and trends. Ethereum App works similarly, where orders as well as chart and trend analysis can be automated.
  • AI bots – they use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to continuously optimize trading strategies. This allows them to adapt to market changes. This is also the way Ethereum code runs.

Crypto robots with AI have become the most popular forms of cryptocurrency trading because you can trade the crypto market 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Trading platforms like the Ethereum App enable automated trading around the clock. They also claim to use machine learning to improve understanding of markets in real-time, which should lead to a higher number of more successful trades. It’s easy for users to rely on trading apps like Ethereum App when they promise so much, but you should be aware that such promises don’t always reflect true results.

Are Bitcoin trading apps like Ethereum Code legal?

As of 2024, Ethereum Code and other artificial intelligence (AI)-powered automated crypto trading apps are fully legal in the European Union, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. However, there is always the possibility that new regulations regulating the work of such platforms will come into force in the EU, specifically in Germany, Switzerland, or Austria. If there are any changes in the legal situation, we will update this section accordingly.

Although Bitcoin trading apps like Ethereum App are legal, that doesn’t mean there is no risk in using them. Some providers make claims that are difficult to believe. In the past, some trading platforms have proven to be scams. So you should always remain careful and do your research before investing money with the help of such a trading application.

ETHEREUM CODE V3 ™ - The Official App WebSite 2024 [UPDATED]

Is Ethereum Code a scam?

Ethereum Code is not a scam because the platform performs the functions of trading cryptocurrencies on various markets. However, the legitimacy of the use of artificial intelligence and the claimed success rate of this crypto robot are up for debate, the latter may not be accurate.

There are many claims and testimonials on the Internet about the success of the Ethereum Code, but many of them are unfounded and possibly fake. But that doesn’t mean Ethereum Code is a scam. All users should be wary of any platform that advertises a certain win rate and trading success. Finally, the market can change at any time as cryptocurrency prices are extremely volatile, especially during a bear market or a bull market. Although it is impossible to call Ethereum Code a scam, you should treat this trading robot with a high level of skepticism and be aware that there is a high risk of losing money.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ethereum Code

  • Easy registration
  • Intuitive and clear user interface
  • Easy-to-use tools with custom parameters
  • According to the bot, automated processes in trading
  • False promises on the website
  • Trading bots are very unreliable and risky
  • Only offers Ethereum trading – no other cryptocurrencies available

Who is behind the Ethereum Code?

According to the information on the Ethereum Code website, there is a simple idea behind the development of this crypto bot. They wanted to offer Ethereum traders an effective way to make money on the crypto market. It took the owners years to develop ideas and imagine how the bot would work. The owners consist of professional traders and software developers who ensure that the bot is thoroughly tested and approved to automate trades in the crypto market.

To date, Ethereum Code is among the best trading bots to consider. The owners constantly update it based on user requirements and new trends. This is important to ensure you can use the bot to its full potential while you focus on developing strategies and skills. Plus, Ethereum Code is only affiliated with regulated brokers and is heavily encrypted to protect your money, data, and email.

Getting Started with Ethereum Code

Ethereum Code is specifically tailored to streamline your activities and increase your chances of winning. Setting up a user account is pretty easy, and we’ll explain how to do it in detail later in this guide. Here we provide a brief overview of how to get started with Ethereum Code so that you know exactly what to expect.

  • Step 1: Visit the bot’s website to complete your account registration.
  • Step 2: Deposit according to the site’s requirements.
  • Step 3: Choose an asset, customize the bot, and start trading.

Ethereum Code: Markets, Assets and Options

What assets and products can you trade on Ethereum Code?

Ethereum Code only offers trading in Ether coins. Some brokers offer different tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. This includes:

  • Basic Attention Token (BAT)
  • Bancor (BNT)
  • OmiseGO (OMG)
  • Status (SNT)
  • TenX (PAY)
  • Augur (REP)
  • 0x (ZRX)
  • Civic (CVC)

Users trade CFDs and not the underlying asset itself. Some of the partner brokers may offer different cryptocurrencies. If you would like to know more, contact the broker directly.

Note that you cannot use Ethereum Code to trade assets from markets other than cryptocurrencies. So if you diversify your crypto portfolio with assets like forex, stocks, etc., you should find another bot for those assets. Fortunately, it is available to all users as it was designed with beginners in mind.

What leverage trading options are there?

Ethereum Code does not have any information about leverage options on its website. However, similar trading bots offer huge leverage options; sometimes even up to 1000x. When you trade with 1000x leverage, the broker will lend you a significant amount to make trades and maximize potential profits; if you deposit 250 euros, you can trade with 250,000 euros.

However, trading with leverage is a quick way to lose money and get into financial trouble. Only trade with regulated brokers with leverage and never trade more than you can afford to pay back if the market doesn’t go your way.

How high are the spreads?

Ethereum Code does not provide any information about the spread. However, each broker you work with has its limits. Contact them directly to find out more. Note that spreads fluctuate as the Ethereum price rises and falls.

Ethereum Code Review: Fees, Limits, and Payment Methods

How much does it cost to use Ethereum Code?

Ethereum Code requires a minimum deposit of 250 euros to set up an account and use the automated trading feature. However, there are no additional membership or subscription fees.

Don’t forget that the bot works with brokers who charge their fees. Therefore, always confirm a broker’s fees before committing so that you don’t spend more money than you are willing to lose.

Minimum deposit: 250 euro
Trading Costs: No
Account management fee: No
Fee for deposit/withdrawal: No
Price for the software: 0 euros
Subscription Fees: No

Ethereum Code has strict rules that you must adhere to to use its free services. This also means that you have to make a minimum deposit of 250 euros before you can take advantage of the offer. Although this deposit amount may seem a bit high for traders on a budget, you should note that Ethereum Code offers deposit bonuses that you can look out for to maximize your profits.

What payment methods does Ethereum Code accept?

We couldn’t find any information about payment methods on Ethereum Code’s homepage. However, you should expect to be able to pay with a credit or debit card. This means you should be able to easily buy Ethereum with a credit card (and debit card). Most trading bots do not expect a wide range of payment methods. Plus, payouts go directly to your credit card. Depending on your bank, additional fees may apply.

Are there any fees and commissions with the Ethereum Code?

There are no fees for deposits or withdrawals with the Ethereum Code.

However, a small commission is charged on winnings. You will only be charged this if you earn money with the Ethereum Code.

Ethereum Code: Trading quantities and limits

Ethereum Code has a minimum trade amount of 250 euros and no maximum trade limit. These numbers may change depending on your broker. Speak to them directly if you want to know more.

Ethereum Code Platform

How does the Ethereum code work?

Ethereum Code claims to offer an automated trading platform that uses algorithms, APIs, and trading signals to make Ethereum trades. The bot attempts to make profits based on market fluctuations. Users can choose their parameters or trust the trading bot’s algorithms to make the best decisions. Ethereum Code also has a demo account that allows you to try out trading strategies without losing your money.

On which devices can you use the Ethereum Code?

Ethereum Code works on numerous devices. The platform is optimized for desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. Users can access Ethereum code via any browser, e.g. E.g. Chrome, Safari, IE, and others. Unfortunately, there is no dedicated app for mobile or desktop.

Ethereum Code is available on the following devices:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • computer

Which crypto exchanges and brokers do Ethereum Code work with?

Ethereum Code works with numerous brokers. Users can see a selection of brokers when setting up an account. Take the opportunity to research the broker, check its regulatory status, and ensure it is a reputable platform. Trades should only be made through a regulated broker as they are safer.

How easy is it to use Ethereum Code?

Like other trading bots, Ethereum Code has minimal tools that make the trading process very easy. The platform appears to be mostly automated, aside from a few custom parameters. The interface is clear and easy to navigate. For the best experience, use Ethereum Code on a laptop or desktop computer.

Ethereum Code has various charts that display the real-time price of Ethereum to help you make more accurate trading decisions before enabling automated trading. The platform offers an opportunity to practice with a demo account. This way you will know what you are doing without risking your money.

Ethereum Code may be easy to use, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into profits. Trading bots are unreliable and dubious. If you’re not careful, you can lose all your money and end up in debt, especially if you choose leveraged trades. We recommend that you educate yourself about trading techniques and crypto markets to ensure you make informed trades with a better chance of success.

How much profit can you make with the Ethereum Code?

Ethereum Code is tailored to every trader. The profit you can make depends on what capital and strategy you have. According to the information on the website, it is possible to make up to 1,500 euros in profit every day. However, this won’t be easy if you don’t analyze the market thoroughly to find the best strategy and track the bot’s performance to increase its potential. Don’t forget that Ethereum Code only has an 88% win rate and you don’t want to rely solely on it.

Overall, you should have a plan and be willing to learn from the mistakes you make along the way. Remember to also factor in tax deductions from relevant authorities when calculating your potential profit, as crypto trading is taxable in most countries.

Ethereum Code Review 2023 – Is It a Scam or Legit? Read Here!

Main features

Ethereum Code has numerous important features that make automated trading easier for users.

Easy-to-use interface

Ethereum Code makes executing trades particularly easy with a clear interface and simplified trading tools. The bot works on most devices, so you can use the platform at home or on the go.

APIs, market analysis, trading signals, and algorithms

Ethereum Code arguably uses algorithms and APIs to assess the market and make the best trade for users. Users can also set their preferred parameters and control the bot’s decisions.

Demo account for traders

Ethereum Code also has a demo account feature. Users can make trades, develop strategies, and explore the platform without losing anything. This is your first time using a trading bot. We advise you to use the demo account until you know how the platform works.

Security and regulation

Is Ethereum Code legit?

Ethereum Code looks like numerous automated trading bots, which may raise some concerns. Many trading bots have the same layout, content, and deposit requirements. Therefore, you should be suspicious of the Ethereum Code. The site promises huge profits and does not sufficiently mention the risks, which is another warning sign.

Ethereum Code does place trades, but we have not been able to verify that it is placing the best trades for users. Additionally, trading bots can never predict which direction the market will move. When used together with a developed trading strategy, Ethereum Code can produce legitimate results. However, if you only use the automated trading feature, you can expect to lose your money.

Is Ethereum Code safe?

Ethereum Code requires account verification when you register for the service. So most users are real. The website also uses SSL encryption to protect sensitive data.

Ethereum Code has numerous security measures in place. From robust account verification to mandatory identity checks to SSL encryption, the information is largely secure.

In addition, Ethereum Code shares your data with third parties. So expect that your personal information will be shared with advertisers. If you would like to know more about how Ethereum Code uses your data, you can view the privacy policy on the website.

Am I and my money protected?

Ethereum Code ensures that traders’ money is protected by working with government-regulated brokers. Additionally, all traders must complete identity verification to protect the account from fraudsters. KYC compliance ensures that your data and emails also remain secure.

Is Ethereum Code Regulated?

Ethereum Code does not confirm whether it is regulated. Some partner brokers may be regulated, but you’ll need to check with them directly. Users should only trade through regulated brokers.

Do I need to verify my Ethereum Code account?

As already mentioned, all users must verify their account with the Ethereum Code. You should receive an email confirming your address during registration. Users must also undergo identity verification and submit documentation to prove their identity and address.

How does the Ethereum code work? Trading strategies and algorithms

Ethereum Code tracks the crypto market using specialized algorithms and trading signals to find potentially profitable trends. With state-of-the-art strategies and algorithms, you avoid emotional trading that usually leads to losses. You’ll also save time by focusing more on developing skills and strategies. Here are some of the best strategies and algorithms that Ethereum Code uses when managing your positions.

  • Automated trading tools
  • Arbitrage trading
  • News trading
  • Analysis of prices and trend analysis

Additional Information

Learning materials

Ethereum Code does not have any learning materials apart from the basic Ethereum trading information on its homepage. Don’t expect any blogs, articles, or insights on this platform. There is a small section with frequently asked questions. If you want to learn more about crypto trading, you will have to use another website.

Tools and charts

Ethereum Code has CFD trading instruments. Users can also adjust the parameters to suit their trading strategy. Ethereum Code also uses APIs and algorithms to control its automated trades. If you prefer more tools and instruments, choose another service.

Customer Support

Ethereum Code has a contact form on its website. Users can also contact their assigned broker via email or phone number. We couldn’t find any information about how quickly customer support responds to messages.

Ethereum Code Email for support Available after registration
Ethereum Code Telephone Hotline Not available
Ethereum Code Live Chat Available
Other means of communication No

Demo account

Ethereum Code offers a demo account. However, you need to register for the membership and make the minimum deposit required to access it. If you are a newbie, this demo account is the perfect option for you to get started risk-free. This not only allows you to test the bot but also assess your skills and find out if you are ready to start trading in the crypto market.

How Ethereum Code Registration Works

Ethereum code registration is surprisingly easy. Here is our guide on how Ethereum code registration works:

Follow these steps to set up an account with Ethereum Code.

Step 1: Register on the platform

Go to the website and fill out the registration form. You will need to enter your name, email address, and phone number.

Step 2: Talk to your broker

First, you select a broker from a list. A consultant will contact you to carry out an identity verification.

Step 3: Fund your account

Users must deposit 250 euros into their account before they can start automated trading.

Step 4: Use the demo account

The Ethereum Code demo account is the best way to find out how the site works. You can try out different features and practice your trading strategy without trading with real money.

Step 5: Start automated trading

When you feel comfortable on the demo account, activate automated trading. Trust the algorithms or set new parameters according to your trading strategy.

How do I close my Ethereum Code trading account?

You can easily close your Ethereum Code account via the bot’s settings page or the broker it works with. But remember: if you close your account through a broker, you will lose all your data and any remaining money in your balance. You may want to contact Ethereum Code customer service first.

How can I withdraw funds from my trading account?

One of the reasons why Ethereum Code works with brokers regulated by high-level authorities is to provide additional protection for your funds. The brokers are responsible for ensuring that all your earnings from trading with the bot end up in your balance. Therefore, to make a withdrawal you must follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Visit the broker platform and log in to your trading account.
  • Step 2: Go to your balance and choose your preferred payment method.
  • Step 3: Enter the amount you want to withdraw and confirm the transaction.
  • Step 4: As soon as you click on Withdraw, the process will be initiated and you will receive your money within 24 hours.

Note that you cannot withdraw cryptocurrencies as they are not considered legal tender in many countries. For this reason, you will need to convert your balance into a fiat currency such as Euros or US Dollars to make the withdrawal.

Ethereum Code

Ethereum Code: Celebrity and Media Advertising

Ethereum Code is one of the trading bots with excellent reviews from users worldwide. The bot has attracted the attention of not only traders but also speculators who claim that its popularity is based on endorsements from companies and celebrities. As professional researchers, our goal is to provide our readers with accurate information. That’s why we investigated these rumors to make sure you make the best decisions.

Does Angel Locsin have anything to do with the Ethereum Code?

Angel Locsin is a Filipino humanitarian and actress who stars in various films including The General’s Daughter and The Legal Wife. She has no interest in crypto trading. Therefore, we believe the ongoing speculation about their support for the Ethereum Code is untrue. Additionally, we were unable to find any factual information confirming her relationship with the bot.

Does Azim Premji have anything to do with the Ethereum code?

No. Azim Premji is an Indian businessman, engineer, philanthropist and investor. He is in the IT industry and was the Chairman of Wipro Limited. Premji does not invest in cryptocurrencies and you should not believe the false rumors claiming that he endorses the Ethereum Code.

Is it true that Ethereum Code investors include Tesla?

No. Tesla is an American multinational automobile company that produces one of the best electric cars. The company also makes battery storage and invests in Bitcoins. In our research, we have not been able to verify that Tesla is affiliated with the Ethereum Code, making the ongoing rumors misleading.

Does Richard Branson use the Ethereum Code?

No. Richard Branson is a British businessman and billionaire. You may know him as the founder of the Virgin Group – a company that controls over 400 companies in various sectors. We found out that Branson is not interested in investing in the crypto market and has never mentioned the Ethereum Code on any TV show or news channel.

Does Tim Draper have anything to do with the Ethereum Code?

No. Tim Draper is an American venture capitalist and the founder of Draper Venture Network, Draper Associates, and Draper University. Despite being a cryptocurrency investor, Draper has never endorsed the Ethereum Code or used it to automate his investments.

Ethereum Code in the News

Ethereum Code is also said to be appearing in the news and on various television shows. That’s why we did some research into some of the shows listed below.

Did This Morning promote Ethereum Code?

No. The television program This Morning has had many episodes hosted by Holly Willoughby and other celebrities. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find an episode that featured or recommended the Ethereum App.

Did Shark Tank do an episode about Ethereum Code?

No. Shark Tank has nothing to do with Ethereum Code as there is no solid evidence to the contrary. Shark Tank is an American television reality show specifically tailored to match aspiring entrepreneurs with prominent investors for funding.

Other Ethereum Code Ratings & User Reviews

Aside from a few detractors, the Ethereum app continues to receive excellent ratings and reviews from users. Below we have picked out some of the best user reviews to ensure we leave no stone unturned in our research and you can clear any doubts.

What are the best Ethereum Code reviews on forums like Reddit?

Reddit has always been a popular platform for users to provide honest comments about their experiences with a product or service. However, in our analysis, we were unable to find any reviews for the trading bot on Reddit.

What are the best Ethereum Code reviews on Trustpilot?

Trustpilot is a reliable platform for examining a product from a customer perspective. We did some research but couldn’t find any reviews for the bot on Trustpilot.

Conclusion: Ethereum Code Experiences 2024

Ethereum Code seems like a surefire way to make money trading Ethereum, especially if you believe the claims on the site. The interface and automated tools work as you’d expect, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into profits. Ethereum app makes promises and fails to warn about trading risk. It is important to know that most users will lose money due to trading bots, especially if they do not have a trading strategy.

We recommend looking for a more trustworthy and regulated platform. Your data is then more secure and you have more options to execute trades exactly according to your trading strategy. We recommend reading the latest Ethereum news, reading blogs, and following expert advice to develop trading techniques and make more informed trades.


We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about the app. If you have any inquiries regarding the app, please refer to this section as it is highly likely that you will find the answers you seek.


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Ensuring the utmost data security and privacy is a top priority at ETHEREUM APP. Our platform utilizes state-of-the-art encryption measures to provide robust protection for user data and transactions, giving our users complete peace of mind.


Our devoted customer support team is available 24/7 to promptly address any queries or concerns. With our quick and efficient solutions, you can effortlessly connect with us through the contact options provided on our platform.

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