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Laika Crypto PooCoin Reviews – Let’s See Is It Trustable or Not?

Nowadays, Cryptocurrency is one of the fast-growing currencies in the world. Many people started investing their money in cryptocurrency to earn profit and for higher returns. In this article, we will talk about one of the growing cryptocurrencies among the people known as Laika Crypto.

Also, we will talk about the procedure to buy it and the Laika Crypto Reviews. We will tell you is it safe to invest in this cryptocurrency or not. So let’s get started.

Laika Crypto

What is Laika Crypto?

Laika Crypto is one of the growing cryptocurrencies also known as Laika coin. It is a decentralized meme token that is named after the first dog who got into space. It is a combination of auto-liquidity protocols and RFI tokenomics.

When a transaction takes place using this cryptocurrency, 5% got locked into the liquidity pool which can be used for further transactions and trading. Also Laika Crypto gives 3% to its holders as a reward. That’s one of the reasons why this currency is growing and famous in many countries.

The Laika Crypto PooCoin was launched on April 20th, 2021 under 54 years after passing the Laika Dog who was the first dog who got into space. The web developers and writers and designers helped the coin to developed got famous in the community. Though the currency is not doing well, as we know that the rates of the cryptocurrency change every 24 hours, so maybe in the future, it will be beneficial for the token holders.


  • Release date- 16th April 2021
  • Coin circulation- 100 quadrillion
  • 24 hr price- $0.000594
  • 24 hr low price- $0.0000
  • Official website-
  • Market cap- no information mentioned
  • Coin rank- 5,535 among other coins
  • Laika Crypto holders- 26,090 addresses
  • Price to BTC- 0.000000010 BTC
  • All-time high price- $0.00874 which was on 16th March 2021

Is Laika Coin Safe For Investment?

Talking about the Laika Crypto, the circulation of this cryptocurrency is not in millions or billions but quadrillion. As the circulation is in greater but the holders are not very much. Also, the price of the Laika Crypto is not that great according to other cryptocurrencies active on the internet.

The trading cost of the Laika Coin is not up to the expectation and that’s why people are hesitating to invest their money in this currency. With all the results that we have gathered about Laika Protocol Coin, we can say that you should better all the information about this currency first and then decide whether you want to invest in the Laika Protocol Coin or not. it is said that investing in cryptocurrency is always been a risk for the holder as the rates got fluctuate day by day. So Is Laika Crypto safe for investment? Well, it’s always been a risk that you have to take if you want to earn some profit.

How to Buy Laika Crypto?

If you are looking for a way to buy Laika Crypto PooCoin from a trusted and genuine site without any risk of getting scammed, then you need to follow these steps carefully.

  1. Open The Official Site:

To buy the Laika coins, you need to open their official site and make an account on the Binance exchange website. Binance exchange is one of the largest and trustworthy cryptocurrency websites where you can swap or trade almost every cryptocurrency that is active on the internet.

To make an account on Binance, you need to download the app and enter your necessary information for making the account. Then you need to make a deposit first after signing in.

  1. Create A Trust Wallet Account:

You need to make a trust wallet account which will work as a secure safe to store the crypto coins. Withdraw your BNBs to the wallet and to do that, you need to convert your BNBs into BSCs (Binance Smart chain). You can withdraw the amount from the wallet also whenever you want to by entering the amount.

Laika Crypto 1

  1. Purchasing Coins:

To purchase the coins, you need to go to the PanCakeSwap and convert your BSC into the Laika Coins. There will be some slippage tolerance percentage which will be mentioned at the time of exchanging the coins. After that, you will get your Laika Crypto PooCoin and you can convert them into USD whenever the rate is high.

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