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Bitcoin Smarter Reviews – Worth Investing? “Bitcoin Smarter Edge” Experience & Test

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According to Bitcoin Smarter, a comprehensive cryptocurrency trading platform with autonomous trading capabilities that can guide investors through the unpredictable cryptocurrency market. This strategy, according to Bitcoin Smarter, offers a high win rate, making it appropriate for both experienced and inexperienced investors.

In order to establish whether Bitcoin Smarter is a trustworthy cryptocurrency trading platform, this review will examine the veracity of these assertions.

Bitcoin Smarter Review: What Is It?

In comparison to Bitcoin Smarter Edge, a platform of a comparable sort that has already been examined, this app promises to be an improvement.

Bitcoin Smarter, however, asserts that it uses exclusively trading robots, making investment simple for everyone, in contrast to its predecessor, which had semi-autonomous trading features including both manual and hands-free trading modes.

In its explicit mission statement, Bitcoin Smarter, a fully automated trading system, states that it does not intend to overwhelm consumers with charts so they may research the assets before investing.

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In contrast, it asserts to employ artificial intelligence to study the charts on behalf of investors, after which it buys and sells assets in accordance with established methods.

According to claims, these tactics are carried out utilizing risk assessment tools that let investors decide how much money to put into a given asset and at what price they wish to sell it. 98.4% of the time, according to the website, this strategy succeeds. This allegation, however, is unsupported by any evidence.

Similar to most platforms of its kind, Bitcoin Smarter asserts to provide a demo trading account, making it available to individuals who wish to test the site.

A $250 minimum payment is necessary in order to access the demo trading account and other important website features.

According to the claims, a user can begin trading after registering and depositing the required sum. Users should alter their stop-loss and take-profit settings, according to Bitcoin Smarter, in order to protect themselves from risky market conditions.

Despite these benefits, consumers should be aware that trading never comes with a guarantee of profits. Only make a little first investment, and then, if the platform produces the desired outcomes, proceed.

Who Is the Creator of This Crypto Trading App?

The platform’s creator is not identified on the Bitcoin Smarter website. Despite having an About Us page, the majority of the information there solely discusses how effective the platform can be for investors of all experience levels.

Apart from the fact that the team is made up of different banking and software industry professionals, not much is known about the creators.

This fact is likewise unknown to independent review websites, and social media platforms are also silent on the matter.

But maintaining anonymity on a cryptocurrency trading platform is nothing new. DEX may be justified in this situation. However, Bitcoin Smarter has made no mention of being a decentralized trading platform.

What Is The Process of Bitcoin Smarter App?

The platform advertises itself as one of the greatest Bitcoin robots, thus it might carry out the following actions to trade assets:

The risk management tools may become available to the user after registration, enabling them to change the stop-loss and take-profit settings before activating the trading system.

Cons and Advantages:

Following is a list of benefits and drawbacks we discovered after examining the sales material and independent testimonials for this trading platform:


  • Support for many coins
  • easy registration procedure
  • fully automated trading system
  • high rate of victories
  • Trade customization


  • Information unrelated to developers
  • There is no historical data available to evaluate the win rate.
  • $250 is needed to open an account.

What Kinds of Hardware Support Bitcoin Smarter?

No mobile-specific applications are mentioned in Bitcoin Smarter. But it does say that it’s a web application. The site itself worked effectively on the following devices, despite the trading app being locked behind a deposit requirement:

Computer – On the desktop, the platform performs at its best. The widescreen makes it simple to browse the available options.

Tablet – Similar to the desktop, the experience is the same here. Buttons were trustworthy, and registration was simple.

Phone – The website is mobile-friendly, and the sign-up process is simple.

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Countries That Support Bitcoin Smarter:

According to Bitcoin Smarter, it is exclusively unavailable in the US. Because there is no prohibition on using the platform in the terms and conditions, US users may choose to utilize a VPN to access the website.

Best Features of Bitcoin Smarter:

The following are the main attributes that Bitcoin Smarter asserts to have:

  • Trading in a Strategic Manner

Although it claims to be an automated trading system, Bitcoin Smarter allows users to make certain adjustments. Investors can change some stop-loss and take-profit parameters as well as the amount they want to invest in a particular asset before starting the trading process. Investors may be able to reduce market risks in the current market conditions if they have the flexibility to modify risk criteria.

  • Friendly user interface

According to Bitcoin Smarter, it features an intuitive user interface. No matter their degree of experience, investors can easily use the platform, according to the official website. This may be related to the platform’s assertions that it doesn’t offer any charting functions or features specifically related to manual trading in general.

  • Comprehensive Market Analysis

According to the website, the trading technology in use continuously scans the market for the best trading chances before alerting the clients. Price charts, trade volume, RSI, and MA indicators, among other things, are allegedly included in the data being reviewed.

  • Features of Security

According to the website, this platform was created to support cryptocurrency trading while preserving an investor’s identity and assets. SSL encryption is featured among the security elements of the website. The usage of KYC procedures to safeguard consumer deposits has also been discussed in third-party reviews.

  • Accuracy

According to the company’s official website, its accuracy rate is among the greatest in the cryptocurrency sector at 98.4%. But there is no internet access to historical data that would back up these assertions.

What Do You Think About Bitcoin Smarter Platform?

One of the best-automated trading platforms available that is entirely dedicated to hands-free trading, according to Bitcoin Smarter, is what it calls itself. It is challenging for us to determine whether the site is authentic or a fraud because not all of the promises it makes can be independently verified.

But that is all that this website claims can be verified. No one has independently validated the claimed success rate of its autonomous trading features, which is 98.4%.

It is over 84%, according to several independent websites. The reviews for Bitcoin Smarter on these platforms, however, are all favorable.

How Much Does The Minimal Deposit On This Trading App Cost?

Investors must make a $250 deposit in order to begin trading on the platform. This amount is regarded as the minimal capital necessary to trade on Bitcoin Smarter.

Customer Support:

On Bitcoin Smarter, there is customer assistance available, however, non-registered users cannot access it. Despite the fact that a Contact Us page is present, it is probably just another sign-up page as it looks the same.

However, registered customers have access to live chat, email, and phone help from the staff.

Trading Bitcoin: How to Get Started?

Following the instructions below will allow users to begin trading on Bitcoin Smarter after they have fully explored the platform.

Step 1 – Please go to Bitcoin Smarter

Visit the official website, where you may begin the registration process by providing your name, email address, and phone number. If you’d rather use email, we advise against giving out any other numbers.

Step 2 – Put Money Into It

Use the available way to make the minimal deposit required. Afterward, you’ll probably be able to use the trading platform.

Step 3 – Start Trading with the Bitcoin

You will be granted access to the platform once Bitcoin Smarter has processed your deposit. To see if the win rate is as claimed, try out the demo trading account first. Start trading independently if you are happy with the outcomes.

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How Do You Remove Bitcoin Smarter?

Contacting the customer care team for help is an option for investors who want to deactivate their Bitcoin Smarter accounts. However, we advise first looking through the options to see if a terminate account option is offered.

If it is, we advise withdrawing the deposit first before continuing because it’s possible that closing the account will also remove the money in it.


Thanks to its autonomous technologies that supposedly make trading simple for everyone, Bitcoin Smarter asserts to be a formidable cryptocurrency trading platform. Additionally, it asserts to have a high win rate that, given the state of the market, might assist anyone in making earnings.

There are also customer reviews online, but they claim that the website only provides mediocre gains. These elements present a conflicting picture of what this platform performs. Before trading with Bitcoin Smarter, we advise conducting your own study. To diversify your finances, only invest a minimal amount and hunt for cryptocurrency presales.

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